Lost and found procedure in hotel.

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This article is equally valuable whether you are a hotel guest or a hotel management student.There are plenty of times when guests forget their items in the room or any where else in the hotel.So,what going to happen with these valuable items?The hotels follows a set procedure for every item which is found by staff.Following are the procedure for Lost and found articles.

When a staff individual finds any guest article he/she will immediately report to the Housekeeper.

The control desk supervisor must fill Lost and found slip which will contains every useful information about the item. like found location, finder name, items description and guest name[if know].

transfer this item in a theft free lost and found cupboard of which the keys are maintained by the executive housekeeper. The item must be keep within lost and found slip.

Hotel lost & found slip format

The control desk supervisor will make lost and found slip in triplicate. One slip already kept within item in the cupboard. The second copy is to send to the front office department, So, that they can obtain information about related guest. And third copy will be kept inside Lost and found register.

if available the hotel will send an intimation to the guest about his/her lost material. After getting instruction from the guest need to dispose this item in required manner.

For a long distance guest every hotel have mail or express service. If related item weight isĀ  less then 5 kg then the housekeeping department can forward this to the guest address free of cost .IN any case if article is more then of 5 kg then the guest has to pay for express delivery.

The control desk supervisor will handover the item to the guest after taking signatures. answer of the guest must satisfy the hotel staff about his item.

In case if guest is unknown the item must be maintained in cup board for 6 months[as per the hotel policy].

After 6 months the responsibility of the housekeeping department going to be cease and the department will be liability free to dispose off the item by giving it to the finder or by auctioning it[as per hotel policy].

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