Guest room cleaning procedure in hotel.

SOPs for Cleaning the Guest Room

Guest Room cleaning is the most basic task in Housekeeping department. Every successful Housekeeper once was a Room attendant first. Other hand most of the hotel margin comes through guest rooms.Here it become a huge responsibility for Housekeeping department to provide a neat and tidy Room to the guests.In this article we will learn step by step procedure of cleaning Guest Room and bathroom.
make sure room has been departure. Normally, front office department informs housekeeping department at every single departure.but in some cases front office staff may make mistake. To avoid this situation Room attendant follows a particular procedure.

slowly knock the door and announce ‘Housekeeping’ politely.if there is no answer wait for 15 seconds. Then again knock the door announcing ‘Housekeeping’. If still there is no answer you can open the door by master key with announcing ‘Housekeeping’.

keep door open.keeping the door open will save your loyalty. Switch off the air-conditioner or heater.

Check the whole room at a glance and make sure there is no guest belonging left.If you found any valuable guest article immediately refer to Lost and Found procedure.

Draw all the curtains and open windows to allow ventilation and airing.

report to the control desk if require any maintenance.

contact to the room service to clear used cutlery and crockery.

Takeout all the soiled linen from the beds and bathroom.put all the soiled linen in the housekeeping trolley.

Now its time to make bed. for detailed process you can read my this article on how to make a hotel bed.

Empty all the ash trays,waste paper bins and dust bins. clean them and apply new garbage bags.

Collect all of magazines, papers and stationary. Stack them properly on the table or writing desk according to hotel standard.

Start dusting the surfaces in clock wise direction from the left side of room entrance with the help of a dry mope.and follow the same until you reach right side of the room entrance.

At the time of dusting you must give special attention to the corners, air-conditioner grill, lights, behind and below the furniture.

Clean the carpet with vacuum, make sure there is no dust or waste paper under carpet.

After cleaning of dresser, cupboards and tables replace all amenities in standard quantity.

Clean telephone and make it disinfect.make sure telephone working properly.

Clean all the mirrors by newspaper and R3 and make them sparkling.

Arrange furniture if required.

Check everything at a glance and give final touch.

Close all the windows and curtains, spray room freshner, open room heater or air-conditioner.

close the door and inform your supervisor or housekeeping desk to release the room.

SOPs for cleaning the Guest Bathroom

Following are the procedure for cleaning the guest bathroom.

very first thing to do is open all ventilators and exhausts to airing the bathroom.Leave door open.

Check all the electric equipment and lighting and report to control in case of any maintenance required.

Apply R6 on w/c(Toilet bowl) because R6 will take few minute to get reacted.

Now remove all  soiled linen.

Empty all the dustbin from the bathroom, clean them and replace with new garbage bag.

The bathroom cleaning always must be started from ceilings to the floor.because dust always drop at the floor while cleaning ceiling.

Clean the ceilings, air-conditioner or heater and its grill or vents.

Clean all kind of light fittings.

Start dusting the tiles with the help of dry cloth, walls and windows.for water stains use wet cloth and bring shine.

Clean the mirror in the bathroom with a dry cloth at first. Then spray R2 on the mirror surface and again clean with damp news paper and make the mirror smudge and scar free.

Scrub and wipe dry the washbasin area. But, never use R6 to clean washbasin tap because R6 is anti-metal and it can damage tap.

Now scrub the toilet bowl(w/c), make sure after cleaning the seat and seat cover the must be dry.

Apply all bathroom amenities according to hotel standard.

Replace all bathroom linen in their respective places.

Scrub the floor with a wet mope and mope dry it. The floor always should be clean in the last to avoid footprint.

close all windows(if have), exhausts and spray room fresher.

Recheck the whole bathroom at a glance. Give final touch if required.

close the door and leave.

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