How to make a Hotel like bed at home?

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Delaying of flight, extra long journey, waiting for a taxi with heavy luggage. All those stresses travellers encounter on the journey. After that all they want is a cloud like white heavenly bed. They just want to get spread on the bed. As the guests mostly utilized the cleanliness and comforts of their beds when in the room. A tiny hair on bed can make them angry, and as a room attendant it can spoil all your hard work that you maintained to make that bed. In this article I am going to expose secret behind a absolutely heavenly white bed. Following is the full procedure for hotel bed making.

Very first things to do is remove all dirty linen from the used bed and remember they must shook individually to dislodge any guest belongings left to them.

Turn the mattress side to side on succeeding days to enhance durability of mattress.

Smooth out mattress to air it.

Re-lay the mattress protector  on the mattress. Change the protector is soiled or smelling.

Now shake out the fresh bed sheet and re-lay it on mattress.Do start from the head side and tuck it in from all side of mattress.If you still can find folds you can remove the folds by pulling at corners.

Now distribute another fresh bed sheet over the first bed sheet.

Place the blanket on this sheet evenly distributing to ease out the crease.The blanket must be placed with its label at foot end.

make sure there should be no stains on the bedspread.

Now fold the sheet below the blanket over the blanket and fold this sheet and blanket together forming a belt of 12 inches width.

Now the time to place new cover on pillows.Fluff these pillows by pressing them from all sides,place them between the blanket and head board.the gap between head board and and the blanket belt must be atleast 18 to 20 inches.

Cover the prepared bed with a bed cover.Ensuring that right side is on top and should fall evenly around the bed.

keep extra blanket along with extra pillows in the self of the guest room cupboards.

check for final touch.check that tiny hair properly which can spoil your hard work.

so, this is the hotel bed making procedure. Ever wonder why hotels uses white bed only? because white linen is very easy to clean( sorry…..bleach).White is the most commonly used color in the hotels because white cloths absorbs body keeps you stress free. Thats all for today. Stay happy Hoteliers!!

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